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Thierry Clua

Thierry Clua is a talented multi-instrumentalist musician (he plays a dozen of different instruments), singer, music composer and a pro in musical arrangements. He has dedicated his life to music : for Thierry Clua, music goes beyond a form of self-expression, it’s a way of life. We can say with certainty that he creates magic through his splendid melodies.

Throughout his musical career, he has participated in a great variety of projects that include music compositions, creation, collaborations, performances and the guidance and establishment of social networks to help and support musicians that are starting out.

Thierry Clua has released an album : “No Way” (2021) as well as several Singles and EP. Thierry Clua and Lightning Scream lyrics have collaborated with the Single : “A New World” and “Ramble And Scramble”.

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