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SFYS (Spleen For Your Soul)

SFYS is a talented singer, musician and music composer. He works hard to create new and authentic melodies and songs. SFYS has worked during ten years – and continues to do so – to create and perfect his very own unique style of music.

In this style that he has been developing, you can witness and enjoy a variety of melodies, rhythms and tunes that are influenced by progressive indie rock style music, punk rock music and melancholic ballads.

Along with being a talented singer – with a very original voice –, musician and music composer, SFYS also works in the area of music mixing and mastering which he implements in his work, both solo and in collaboration with other artists.

SFYS and Lightning Scream Lyrics have collaborated with the titles : “Lonely Days” (music composition), “God’s Holidays” (performance and music composition), “The Northern Star” (performance and music composition) and “Strange Grace” (performance and music composition).

Lightning Scream Lyrics has created a music video for each of the following titles done in collaboration with SFYS : “Lonely Days”, “God’s Holidays” and “The Northern Star”.

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