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Jos Shepherd

Jos Shepherd is a talented singer with a particular, smooth, attractive and hypnotizing voice. Along with being an incredible singer – that seized Seattle (USA) KEXP radio station’s attention – he’s a talented and dedicated music composer and musician. Jos Shepherd develops his own style, inspired by New Wave music. He’s also a great performer with a phenomenal ability to cover historical singers. He regularly performs on stage and create new and original sounds rhythms, be it on solo or through numerous collaborations with different artists.

Jos Shepherd and Lightning Scream lyrics have collaborated with the titles : “The Garden On The Moon” (Jos Shepherd as music composer and lead singer) ; “Lonely Days” (with Jos Shepherd as lead singer and SFYS as music composer), “Crippled And Light” (with Jos Shepherd as lead singer and Bad Sound Of Pop as music composer) and “Hero” (with Jos Shepherd as lead singer and Clovis as music composer)

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