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Guil’s Records

Guil’s a talented singer, artist and music composer. She’s the first artist to have collaborated with us through the creation of the music composition and performance of the following titles : “No One Owns The World” and “My Lord”.

Her music composition and her singing style are in great part influenced by Irish folklore music. Guil’ has re-orientated her career through the founding of “Guil’s Records” that is orientated in the accompanying of musicians that are starting off, providing services such as online meetings addressing different topics such as :

  1. Legal aspects (related to copyrights and how to become a member of the “SACEM” – a French institution (Association of Authors, Composers and music Publishers) that recognizes musicians, music composers and lyricists and that ensures the correct accreditation and distribution of any economical gain from music production be it individual or through collaboration).
  2. Creating and discussing strategies to gain visibility through the strategical use of social media.
  3. Establishing a community, a network between artists.
  4. Music mixing and mastering.

Guil’s Records facebook page :

Guil’s Records official website :

We also would like to thank Guil’s Records for her guidance and accompanying in certain aspects concerning copyrights and the integration of Lightning Scream Lyrics to the “SACEM”.