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Emma Woods

Emma Woods is a talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (she plays the violin, the guitar and the piano). Emma Woods is a Chinese artist established in France. She’s trilingual, fluent in Chinese, French and English. She started learning to play music at the early age of 9 and has ever since been captivated by this art, transforming it into her career. Furthermore, in her music she brings much originality through her multicultural background, life experiences which are a source of inspiration as well as social phenomenon. She has a beautiful and powerful voice that accompany her creative, moving and extraordinary melodies. Emma woods has also started auto-producing her own music videos to give a visual dimension to her music and lyrics.

Emma Woods is mostly a solo artist, but also collaborates with a variety of artists as a means to share and create with others.

Emma Woods and Lightning Scream Lyrics have collaborated with the title « Troubles Are Blue And I Am Too » (music composition and performance).

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