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Bad Sound Of Pop

Bad Sound of Pop is the label name behind which stands a very talented, serious, dedicated and disciplined artist established in the south of France. He’s a talented music composer with a great ability in creating a variety of rhythms and sounds to delight and captivate your attention. He’s also a pro in music mixing and mastering which he does for all his music compositions and collaborations. He’s constantly on the search to collaborate with other talented and dedicated artists to create original new songs. These collaborations are done at distance with both national and international artists.

Through his music compositions and collaborations, Bad Sound of Pop rebels from what the music industry tends to impose – a repetition of styles that loses their originality. Through his music compositions, he works to bring back and to maintain the originality of music as a form of expression.

Bad Sound of Pop and Lightning Scream Lyrics have collaborated with the title : ”Crippled And Light” (Interpreted by the singer Jos Shepherd).

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