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The Flowers Grow And Glow

VERSE 1 Here the flowers grow and glow Down the stairs, another world Carried by one single show Watered with speed and control VERSE 2 Here the flowers grow and glow When timely rain falls alone Get inside so it may show All drops that come and behold CHORUS Here […]

God’s Holidays

VERSE 1 On my seat with my cigarette I see empty cups on the desk I receive a glass of whisky From the lady that isn’t there VERSE 2 I stand up on my skinny legs Starting to stutter and to beg I throw my arms up in the air […]

Lonely Days

VERSE 1 Today I feel like ice ashes The final word has been spoken I am wide awake in flashes Aching bones, suddenly broken VERSE 2 More alone than the most distant Particles of the universe Like my imaginary friend Who repeats the same verse again CHORUS Born under the […]