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Ramble And Scramble

VERSE 1 I stopped them in their tracks As I began my act On the way lights seemed black Nothing but the music track Dancing from back to back Everyone moves, laughs and claps CHORUS Ramble and scramble, movement in the air Ramble and scramble, music strikes rough and bare […]

Life Under The Weather

Reserved for Jos Shepherd VERSE 1 I’m driven to pretend today That life isn’t a brutal play I frowned my smile away Life’s nothing but a game VERSE 2 The curtain falls for all acclaim Leaving me alone and unnamed There’s always more at stake For those who cannot play […]

Meet Sandy Down The Way

VERSE 1 Day by day, night by night The sky’s red, her mood’s light Who could care how to lie VERSE 2 Her thoughts fly, touch the sky Her big eyes let you by Who could care what’s aligned PRE-CHORUS Down the streets, sympathy Roses become free Sandy thinks and […]

Over A World Paved In Gold

VERSE 1 Dazzling stars in the afternoon Strange loopholes drift during the month of June Only unknown ways could have led me here Hence do splendid songs in the sky appear CHORUS And this spectacle comes my way Over a world paved in gold VERSE 2 Out of sight words […]